Waking Up with Essential Oils…How to Get Essential Oils Into the Air

May 16, 2012

I’ve been told that you can smell my house before you get inside. People have actually said buy flagyl online that they were sure they had the right house because it smelled like me as they were walking up. I’ve also been spotted in a crowd because of my essential oil smell! It’s just part of me now, and I love it! So how did this happen? Well, I use essential oils for so many different things. And I never use perfume or scented anything other than what I do with my oils and some incense. Here are some different ways that you can get the oils in the air in your space. Keep in mind that when they are on you, they will also be getting in the air.

Since I work from home, and spend a good bit of time there, I like to really pay attention to the energy. I take time in the morning to “wake my house up”. It’s just kind of a special time for me and my space to start the day in a positive way…like a walking meditation.

I have different “stations” around the house, and at each station, I send love to that space and say “thank you. The more you focus on gratitude and love, the happier and healthier you will be.

First I turn on my stove top smelly goodness…yes that’s it’s proper name.

I just do an old school potpourri where I add all of my scraps of lemon generic celebrex and oranges to a pot, fill it with water and simmer. This is something I add to and take away from daily. When the fruit gets really soft, I put in down the disposal and that always smells nice too! And since I use lemons and oranges constantly, I add new scraps almost daily.

In the morning, I add a few drops of oil like cinnamon or clove or whatever makes you happy and then turn on the burner.

I then spray my counters and windows with one of my homemade cleaners like this one and just quickly wipe them down. This helps with bacteria and gets the smell in the air.

I then drop oils in my toilets and trash cans in the bathrooms. In the toilet, only use oils that are clear, not cinnamon or patchouli. They will stain.

drawing by foster burns

Any will do in the trash. I put 2-3 in the toilet and 3-5 on a tissue in the trash.


I then drop oils in joint pain on lexapro my diffuser and turn it on. Click here for suggestions.

Photo by Kristina Phillips

Then it’s my turn! I take a few minutes to choose my oils for the day…browse my dropper bottle blends for ideas. I sit down and focus on the things that I am grateful for, and then put the oils on the bottom of my feet.

While I’m applying the oils, I also take deep breaths as this is the quickest way to get the oils into our systems (bottom of the feet being the 2nd quickest). I focus on what I want my day to look like and all the things that make me happy. Scent is very closely related to memory. So get into the habit of positive thinking when using your oils. Create happy, healthy memories that will come back for you every time you smell essential oils.

I sometimes choose the room where I put the oils on my feet, based on what’s happening that day. For instance, if I’m working on the computer, I’ll put the oils on in the space where I do that work. If I’m seeing massage clients, I put the oils on in my massage room. If I have company coming, I’ll put the oils on in the room where we will gather.

Once this is done, and I’ve filled my house with yummy smells and positive energy, I turn off the stove top goodness and say thank you one more time to the universe.

You can’t always control the things happening around you or even sometimes in your own body. But you can definitely set yourself up to be as strong and healthy as possible to handle all that comes your way. Positive energy can strengthen and heal. Laughter is the best medicine after all!


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